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Nov 27, 2012 6:00am PST
the fiscal cliff. >> yes. >> there's a new one no tall, no water. two more songs. i'm like i can't see. >> no water? that's in sane! are they trying to kill people? >> did i tell you the other one? sweat is fat crying. >> i would just walk out right there. i can't deal with that crap. >> you have to keep your heart rate up, it's a test to see if you can make it through another song without towel or water. >> i don't need pithy sayings to keep my heart ray up. >> good morning everybody. u.n. ambassador susan rice is meeting with senators john mccain lindsey graham and kelly iop. they have been critical of her remarks in the aftermath of benghazi. she described that as a spontaneous attack based on the in tell she had from the intelligence community. there could be some substance to the plan that president obama plans to nominate her for secretary of state. she will meet with other lawmakers later this week. president obama has been unwaiving in his support of her calling republican attacks on her outrageous. >> according to official announcement, the president of mexico and the presiden
Nov 26, 2012 6:00am PST
obamacare on the table for the fiscal cliff negotiations. even in their -- they're weaseling, watch the way they're putting this backing off the grover norquist pledge thing. how weaselly they are about it. lindsey graham, the way he put it was that we'll put getting rid of certain deductions on the table. that will be our revenue enhancement. so he's saying all right if we do what romney wanted to do, i'm willing to break the pledge. >> stephanie: right. exactly. >> it's not raising taxes. it is not raising the rate of taxes. it the is just cutting the -- the deduction for capping emissions on your jet. >> stephanie: i think the good news is the president has cut through that [ bleep ] he said if you come to me and say can we kind of do this and close the loophole and something that's not exactly a tax increase. he said no. we're wise to what you're talking about. >> that's the softening of rhetoric you're seeing on the right is in response to a president that now really has nothing to lose. so why not -- so why
Nov 21, 2012 6:00am PST
paul on the fiscal cliff by the way. here he is. >> the bottom line is it is a mistake to raise taxes on anybody we shouldn't give in on it. those who are new here, please hold the line. there is one compromise i would be in favor of. all spending should be cut. we compromise enough to say let's look for some ways to the military budget. liberals say entitlements have to be picked. >> stephanie: that's not exactly a compromise. [ ding ding ] [ applause ] >> besides, this isn't really raising taxes. this is letting the bush tax cuts expire as they were supposed to do two years ago. >> which is what george bush designed them to do. >> your guy. >> stephanie: some people haven't gotten the memo about the election results. that's not a compromise. >> you do what we say and then we'll think about maybe doing some cuts to the military. >> i don't care for rand paul. or his wig. >> stephanie: the headline is rich people complain the fiscal deal could force them to pay slightly higher taxes. it is outrageous.
Nov 28, 2012 6:00am PST
for the rich to end end. >> caller: i think this whole fiscal cliff thing is a conspiracy of cartoonists. easier to draw a cliff, i guess. i've seen so many of them. but this again one of these self-constructed crises that congress is really good at building. there is a real easy way out of it, and i think actually we're seeing a little bit of movement on the republican side that might make it pretty easy to get over it. with tom coal the republican from oklahoma saying that we just ought to go ahead and pass the tax cuts for the 98% and then fight for the rest of it later. that's what we've been saying on our side. we can do that if five minutes. >> stephanie: that's what nancy pelosi said, extending middle class tax cuts wrought further delay. she said we remain optimistic that we're going to reach an agreement, are you? >> i was less optimistic before tom cole made a statement. tom is held in pretty high regard. he's not what is generally considered a moderate on the republican side. he's a very, very good guy and member of the bourbon caucus, by the way. >> stephanie: ha ha, hee hee.
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4